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Complete A2 Hosting Reseller Hosting Review 2020

A2 Hosting Company comes under the list of the most reliable and best hosting service provider since 2001. It almost cares about every single factor which serves you better service. All the hosting plans offered by A2 Hosting is the incredible and perfect plan for different kind of users. One of the most popular plans offered by A2 Hosting is its A2hosting Reseller Hosting Review. In this reseller program, you get an impressive number of features which is enough to catch your eyes. Here we will discuss the review of the A2hosting Reseller Hosting plan and its come benefits. So let start with our first topic which is about is reseller hosting.

More about A2hosting Reseller Hosting Program

Reseller hosting is a plan offered by A2hosting which allows you to start your own hosting business without having any infrastructure. You just need to select the right reseller hosting plan and then you are able to host your clients on the A2 hosting server with great profit. Limited bandwidth and storage will allot to your clients on the basis of your selected hosting plan. Your reseller hosting account comes with the feature of easy to use WHM control panel. With WHM you can create individual control panel & different hosting plans for your clients. Having good website speed is one of the major factors which determines the quality of a web host.

In short, if you have good website speed, then surely it will help you to achieve a great conversion rate, bounce rate & SEO impact. Having good website speed is direct impacts the quality of your growth. And as we all know that speed website is also depend on your Webhosting provider with A2hosting Reseller Hosting plan you get turbo servers to feature which offer you up to 20 times faster speed than the other Reseller Hosting plans.

Features of A2hosting Reseller Hosting Program

There are many reasons which make the A2hosting Reseller Hosting Program better than other hosting companies’ reseller plans. The best reason among them is its incredible features. With any reseller plan of A2 hosting, you get some impressive features that take you higher in comparison to other hosting companies’ reseller programs. Let’s take a look at the features which you get with every reseller plan of A2hosting.

  1. 20 times faster turbo option for offering you incredible speed on your website.
  2. A2 Hosting comes with a minimum 99.9 % server uptime promise so that you never face downtime with your site.
  3. For helping you out in your technical issue, A2 hosting offers you 24/7 live chat, email, and phone call support.
  4. A2 Hosting comes with easy to use control panel for managing your files easily.
  5. You get free billing software for your clients with A2hosting Reseller Hosting Program.
  6. In addition to that, you get more simplicity in managing your files with the WHM control panel.
  7. With every plan of the A2 hosting reseller program, you get a free SSL certificate to offer more safety to your customers’ website.
  8. Plus you also get a free domain reseller account
  9. You can choose your server according to your own wish with server location option offer by A2 hosting reseller plan
  10. Reseller hosting plans of A2 hosting comes with SSD optimized hardware to offer you better performance and speed on your website.

Why Choose A2hosting Reseller Hosting Program?

As with the reseller hosting program you did not host your clients on your hardware, it doesn’t mean you not able to use your own branding. With A2 hosting white-labeled Reseller hosting plan, you are able to customize your customer cpanel, their name server as your own branding. Even if you want to build your own hosting company, then you need a lot of money and time to build an empire. Even nowadays it becomes more competitive because hundreds of new hosting companies came into the market. That’s why starting a hosting business is more beneficial through the reseller hosting program instead of starting your own hosting.

To start your own hosting company, you need to buy servers, setup networks, buy licenses of the software, and many more horrible things. While with the reseller program, you can start your own hosting business within some minutes without any infrastructure and server needs. This is the best and affordable way to start your own hosting company. And with A2hosting it becomes more comfortable, easy, and reasonable.

Wide range of Reseller hosting plans offer by A2 Hosting

For offer you different hosting feature according to your different needs, A2 hosting offer a wide range of plans in which you can choose the best suited to you. In all the plans you get different features and you have to pay different amounts for them. Let take a look at different plans of A2hosting Reseller Hosting plans.


Bronze is the starting plan of A2hosting Reseller Hosting. This plan is perfect for starting websites. This plan cost starts at ₹996.55 per month. In this reseller plan, you get limited features that are pretty enough for starting the website. A feature that you get in this plan is 30 GB Storage, 400 GB Transfer, 20X Faster Turbo Option, Free SSL & SSD, WHM Control Panel, Free eNom Reseller Account, Anytime Money Back Guarantee. In addition to that, you get all the feature which is list above.


Silver is another great Reseller hosting plan offer by the A2 hosting company. This reseller plan comes with a cost of ₹1395.09 per month. In this plan you get features like 75 GB storage, 600 GB Transfer, 20X Faster Turbo Option, Free SSL & SSD, WHM Control Panel, Free eNom Reseller Account, Anytime Money Back Guarantee, Free WHMCS & all the other benefits too.


Gold is the most popular reseller hosting plan of A2 hosting. It starts with the cost of ₹1843.68 per month. Even it comes with the tag of the most popular hosting plan of the A2 hosting company. In this plan you get features like 150 GB Storage, 1000 GB Transfer, 20X Faster Turbo Option, Free SSL & SSD, WHM Control Panel, Free eNom Reseller Account, Anytime Money Back Guarantee, Free WHMCS & other common benefits.


Platinum is the highest reseller plan of A2 hosting even it is considered as the most powerful and strong hosting solution. It comes with a starting cost of ₹3089.74 per month. in this plan you get impressive features like 200 GB Storage, 2000 GB Transfer, 20X Faster Turbo Option, Free SSL & SSD, WHM Control Panel, Free eNom Reseller Account, Anytime Money Back Guarantee, Free WHMCS, and other features also.

WHMCS licensing add-on feature by A2 reseller hosting

For offering you better performance and improvement, A2 also offers you additional add on features of WHMCS for reasonable prices. Let’s take a look at the cost you have to pay for the add-on of WHMCS in your reseller plan.

  • WHMCS Starter: in WHMCS starter you get 250 Clients & WHMCS Branding and if you want to add it in the Bronze reseller plan of A2 hosting, then you have to pay ₹755.19 per month. On the other hand, you get WHMCS Starter free of cost with the rest of the reseller plans of A2 hosting.
  • WHMCS Plus: in WHMCS plus you get 250 Clients & Your Branding and it cost you ₹906.23 per month for adding in all the reseller plan of A2 hosting which is BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD & PLATINUM.
  • WHMCS Professional: in WHMCS Professional you get 1000 Clients & Your Branding feature and its add-on cost is ₹1510.38 per month for every A2hosting Reseller Hosting Program.
  • WHMCS Business: in WHMCS Business: you get the highest features of Unlimited Clients & Your Branding and it will cost you ₹2265.57 monthly on adding in addition to any reseller plan of A2 Hosting.

Why A2 Reseller Hosting Plans are reliable?

Trust is the main factor that can consider in comparing 2 web hosting companies. A2 Hosting gives you so many reasons to trust it. Even there are many certificates that are awarded by A2 hosting for its speed, reliability, and trust. A2 hosting was recognized as the most certificate winning web hosting company on different factors. Even just because of its incredible features It becomes the most friendly web hosting providing company. Some all-rounder features which you get in A2hosting Reseller Hosting Program are

  • Up to 20 times faster server speed: – With A2hosting Reseller Hosting Program you get an exclusive turbo server option that offers you impressive hosting speed experience.
  • Guru Crew Support: – for offering you all time support and keep your hosting experience good, A2 hosting friendly & professional team is all time available to help you in every possible way. And they offer you a lot of ways to contact them quickly.
  • Free Account Migration: – A2 hosting offers you free of cost site migration anytime. You need to do anything manually just approach the A2 hosting team and they will do it for you.
  • Anytime Money Back Guarantee: – you do not need to worry about the quality of A2 hosting. Feel free to choose your suitable plan and if you found that you do not feel satisfied with the hosting feature offer by your plan, then you can get your money back anytime. Because A2 hosting comes with any time money-back promise which makes it perfect for a trail basis without any risk.
  • 99.9% Uptime Commitment: – the worst thing in an online website is facing its downtime. But with A2 hosting you not need to worry about downtime of your website. Because A2 hosting comes with a minimum of 99.9% uptime and in most cases, you get 100% uptime. Their servers are ultra-reliable and you can get the best experience with them all the time.
  • Developer Friendly: – A2 hosting care for loading your control panel with updates and useful software to make your work more efficient and productive. In the dashboard of A2 hosting you get the software of PHP 4.4, 5.x, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 or 7.4 (Choose Your Version) MySQL 5.6/MariaDB PostgreSQL 9.6 Python 2.6, 2.7 or 3.2 PERL 5.10 Apache 2.4 Node.js  FTP / SFTP Free SSH Access which you need to build a professional and responsive website. 
  • Easy to use & understand: – With A2 hosting you get easy to understand WHM control panel. With WHM you can create cPanel on an individual basis for your customers. 
  • Incredible Performance: – with impressive Server speed and turbo support, you get improvement in your user experience and SEO ranking. 

At the end we can conclude that in comparison to many other Reseller programs offered by many other hosting companies, A2 comes on the top place.

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