An Explanation – Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting

What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is fully independent package or software that cannot share with others. It is used for web portal or a significant level business. This server is completely managed and controlled by the hosting company where from you purchased. In other words, it is a server which is related to the internet and configured by the service provider. These services are taken by the big brands.

Why You Need Dedicated Server hosting?

This question often comes in mind. If you are on the initial stage you need to ask this question yourself.  If you have a web portal that full out of visitors, you need a fast dedicated server along good support. Dedicated servers have the potential to carry large traffic websites. Dedicated server or dedicated hosting can boost your business goals. It can provide powerful and high-performance service for your website. You also get the reliability and scalability without any downtime issue.

Purpose of Dedicated Hosting

A dedicated server provide speed, stability and capacity to control larger online business. Before buy this hosting service, you should check your pocket and ask to your seller about your targets. Can you accomplish your requirements with a dedicated server hosting service? Also understand your business needs and size.

Difference between dedicated hosting and shared hosting

There are several differences between shared hosting and dedicated hosting like bandwidth, Random access memory, budget and technical support. In shared hosting, multiple websites are run on a single server but with the dedicated server, only one website can run. You can get more benefits from the dedicated server along large bandwidth, RAM and CPU. But another side, shared hosting service can’t serve like a dedicated server because there are multiple users and limited resource and support. When you think about the budget, shared hosting is much cheaper than a dedicated server.

Some Awesome advantages of Dedicated Server are:-

  • Security – When you buy a dedicated server plan, you don’t need concern about your website security. Dedicated server has a basic term is that first secure your website private files from enemies. When you use the data and money transfer features like FTP or SSL, the situation becomes critical.
  • Performance – dedicated server hosting gives you guarantee maximum uptime for your website. It also gives you reliability, stability for your business.
  • Flexibility – it means you can increase or decrease disk space, ram and CPU as per your requirements. It becomes the most popular advantage which you get from dedicated server. In addition, you can control and configure easily and get more command over the system.
  • Scalability – With dedicated hosting service, you can upgrade your service like ram, CPU and disk space as per your business needs without buying a server or change hosting company.
  • Cost Savings – It completely depends on your service requirements. What do you want to achieve with a dedicated server hosting plan. Measure your ram, CPU and disk size and discuss with your hosting provider.
  • Reliable Bandwidth – Bandwidth means your website does run well without any downtime. In shared hosting, bandwidth can lose anytime because of server issues but in dedicated server this error never occurred.
  • Reliable Processing – When you think about processing, it means the bandwidth of your plan which you’ve purchased from service provider. When you buy a disk space you must need similar size bandwidth.


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