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Web Host Manager (WHM) is a term that very important

While you want to start your business then a term that very important is Web Host Manager (WHM). Yes, many peoples want to know about WHM then we are here introduce or giving all information about WHM. So, let us start with the definition of WHM. Web Host Manager or WHM is a powerful program that allows administrative control over your dedicated server or VPS. In simple words, it allows the hosting provider to manage a customer’s account. WHM is also a Reseller Control Panel. So, WHM in Reseller Hosting is what our customer receive with all Reseller hosting plans and use to manage all their resold account in their Reseller plans. But Reseller does not give full right to WHM comparing to VPS and dedicated server. Here you will not able to right or Root Access but in VPS and dedicated you will get. So, now here we discuss what WHM is and we wish you can understand very well.

WHM is giving the right to use

WHM gives you more control and flexibility when managing a few popular and resource-intensive sites or a large number of sites. WHM gives you the ability to sell your hosting plans to other peoples, and also an option to create and manage multiple cPanels. It will help you to place your business oriented or popular sites on separate cPanels. Also, some basic point that indicates that what actually WHM gives you to use

  • Create Individual accounts
  • Create custom hosting packages
  • Add domains to the server
  • Manage features of hosting packages and accounts
  • Reset your password/contact email addresses for cPanel accounts
  • Edit resource limits for cPanel accounts
  • Modify DNS zone records for each domain or subdomains
  • Set up private nameserver on the server
  • Access resold account without entering login details
  • Perform basic system and control panel maintenance

All the use of WHM has listed above and many more features you will get if you try personally.

How to create cPanel in WHM Godaddy

Here we discuss How to create cPanel in WHM Godaddy and also how to use it. If you want to host a domain name’s website on your server using cPanel then you have to create an account in We Host Manager. So, many peoples want to know that how to create cPanel in WHM Godaddy. Now, don’t be hesitate to just read this article because here your every query about WHM are solved with the explanation. So, below some point directly explain how to create a cPanel in WHM: –

  1. First, you have to log in to Web Host Manager using Root for your username and your server’s password. You can log in at https://yourserverip:2807, where your server IP is your server’s IP address. After that, you can visit the home screen and then,
  2. After you visit the Home section, you can get many options like server configuration, support, networking setup, security center, and many more. For creating an account you have to click on Account Functions. And after you visit then,
  3. Here you will also get many options like a change set up the IP address, Password Change, Email all users, Modify suspended account page, and many more. Here one more option for you is to create a new account and you have to click on this button. After your click on this then,
  4. After you click the Create new account button then you will land on a page of Domain information. So, you have to fill all information related to creating your account. You have to fill like, Domain name, username, password, Verification code, and your email. After that,
  5. You have an option to fill every information that is offering on the Domain Information page. Like, Choose a package, Select option manually, cPanel Theme, and many more. So, if you want to fill then fill out all details otherwise you can leave it.
  6. After filling all the important information you can check it and click the button create. After confirming your account an email will be mailed to your email account and you can click the link of confirmation for confirming your account.

After you complete this process WHM displays a page whether you will see account creation complete, if there is no problem, at the bottom of the page. After that, you can use your Domain Name as a nameserver for websites hosted on your server. So, this is why you can create your cPanel in Web Host Manager. Now, we think this article may be helpful for you and you can almost understand everything about Web Host Manager.

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