Knownhost reseller review 2020: Overview, Pricing and Features

In this article, we are talking about Knownhost reseller review

What is KnownHost?

KnownHost is a web hosting solution and service provider focused primarily on managed hosting packages. They share hosting services, dedicated servers, and VPS solutions, reseller hosting, and WordPress hosting options.

Launched in 2006, it is known that Nothost provides 99.996% uptime, making them one of the most reliable hosting service providers on the planet. Users can easily configure current plans to change their hosting product terms and are highly scalable allowing for adjustments.

Its plans include such features, tools, and the ability to allow users to refer to their operations like cPanel, SSL certificates, free migration and backup SSD.

NowHost provides a comprehensive suite of managed hosting services with product organization requirements, regardless of their size. This solution is perfect for traditional WordPress hosting and application hosting, entities, and reseller plans (perfect for web design shops and small marketing company), virtual private servers, cloud computing resources and finally bare metal hardware. Shared for great dedication Customer.

The competition with a reliable management infrastructure, separated by KnownHost victims supported in each product line. Sellers provide direct support across business channels. Their product is found in many premium packages across the lines, including common features, including top tier with managed support. For example, the hosting joint offer is designed with the platform in mind. This can significantly reduce the load time for your web site visitors based on their custom cloud platforms LiteSpeed and supported by LSCache.

Uptime & Reliability of KnownHost

Nonhost provide 99.996% uptime guarantee. Reliability is at the top because you are running on all network premium plans and their host of hardware components. On top of that, it is known, claimed operations of datatakers located at four global strategic locations worldwide.

Overview of KnownHost Features

Powered by LiteSpeed Web server

SSD Cloud Backed

Free Migrations

Premium Raid Storage

Automatic Updates

4 different global data centers

Security Optimizations & 500Gbps+ DDoS Protection

Pros & Cons of KnownHost


99.996% Uptime Guarantee

Outstanding On-Shore Support

Complementary DDOS Protection

Fully Managed Hosting Plans


Doesn’t Support Windows Servers

Expensive rates too many users

KnownHost Position in Our Categories

If you are considering knownhost, B2B software to check for other subcategories of Go is collected based on review of hosting services can be profitable.

Every company is different and requires a system that can be adapted to their size, employees and customers, and specific industries. For this reason, any system device cannot shut down. When you are looking for a software system, make sure that what you want for it. Read KnownHost hosting service and ask yourself do you want basic features or do you need complex functionality or not? Are you looking for industry specific features there? Getting answers to these questions will help in your search. There are many factors that reflect your needs and including your finances, you want a specific business, the size of your organization, integration needs and more. Take your time, try a free trial, and finally select the application that serves you. Want to boost your company’s efficiency and productivity.

User Satisfaction

We buy hosting when you think it is important not only to assess your idea to look for service representatives, but also to find out what the real people and businesses who buy to see it are the very product. Are satisfied with, decide. This is why we built Customer Satisfaction to collect customer behaviour based on an investigation of a wide range of algorithms that are known in social media sites, comments and revisions. Presented as a collection of which many are known people and negative experiences, are shown was a simple data. With that information, you should be prepared to make a shopping decision that has no regrets.

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