MilesWeb Reseller Hosting – An Extra Income Opportunity for Web Developers

Reseller Hosting

Earning extra is always a profit and now-a-days many of you are actually searching for such options. You might have started your own blogs or ecommerce business apart from your regular office job. Have you ever thought that you can become your own boss? Yes, of course, you can, just by starting a web hosting business.

There is an array of hosting services right from basic shared hosting to reseller hosting with WHMCS in the web hosting niche. For starting a web hosting business, you will need to choose a reseller hosting plan from one of the best hosting providers in the market.

Since businesses are increasingly moving to the online world, web hosting industry is rapidly growing. This has lead to tough competition between web hosting providers. You may find them implementing some good discounts and features on their services to stand unique in the list. Therefore, it has become tough to select one of the best hosting providers for your business today.

But if you are planning to start your own web hosting business then MilesWeb reseller hosting would be the best choice for you.

What is MilesWeb?

Started in 2012, MilesWeb is one of India’s best reseller hosting companies that offers simple, fast, reliable and affordable services to all the ever-growing businesses online. Their experts dive into details of the complex issues on the servers and resolve them to give their clients the best uptime and improved performance with minimized support cost. Apart from reseller hosting, the company caters its customers with other hosting services such as shared hosting, VPS hosting, email hosting, dedicated servers, eCommerce hosting, SSL certificates, CMS hosting etc.

MilesWeb Reseller Hosting:

MilesWeb’s tagline “Setup a web hosting company and be your own boss!” has motivated many people to start their own hosting business. They offer three types of reseller hosting plans – cheap reseller hosting, unlimited Linux reseller hosting and unlimited Windows reseller hosting.

Unlimited Reseller Hosting:

The unlimited reseller plans eliminate the tedious tasks of package customization for every other client. Also, every type of website can opt for unlimited reseller plans as they offer everything right from website building, managing and hosting it. Their unlimited reseller plans come with free WHMCS. The Linux reseller plans start from Pluto at Rs.640/mo, Mars at Rs.980/mo and Jupiter at Rs.950/mo. Check the below screenshot for their features:

Reseller Hosting

MilesWeb’s unlimited Windows reseller hosting starts from Pluto at Rs.768/mo, Mars at Rs.1176/mo and Jupiter at Rs.1140/mo. Check below the features of unlimited Windows reseller hosting:

While the cheap reseller hosting plans are the best for those who are on a low budget. But with cheap reseller hosting, you will need to buy WHMCS as it’s not free. MilesWeb offers WHMCS at an affordable cost. For details about the plans check the below screenshots :

Why MilesWeb is Different?

Check below the features that indicate why MilesWeb is different:

LiteSpeed Server Cache

You get a high-performance memory caching tool, LiteSpeed with all the reseller plans which helps in loading even the busiest website faster without the need to make any changes in the code. Additionally, when LiteSpeed is combined with SSD disks for files and MySQL, your website’s experience gets enhanced and visitors can browse the site quickly.

Unlimited Disk Space

You get unlimited disk space with both Linux and Windows reseller plans which ensures that you don’t fall short of storage space for saving your website data.

Unlimited Bandwidth

MilesWeb offers unlimited bandwidth with all the reseller hosting plans  with which your website is always live, even when there is high-traffic.

SSD Powered Hosting

They use SSD drives which use the flash memory for data storage which offers improved performance and reliability over HDD.  Additionally, the SSD disks offer faster page load speed to the visitors browsing your website.

Free SSL Certificate

MilesWeb ensures that every website that you host is certified with free SSL certificate.

Free Website Migration

In case you are planning to switch your reseller hosting account to MilesWeb, you can easily do that free of cost.

Free Billing Software

The Windows reseller plans offer ClientExec which makes billing, provisioning, customer management, etc. easy to handle.

Website Backup & Restore

MilesWeb offers automatic cloud backups on daily basis to protect all your website files, folders, databases, etc. They recommend you to buy this feature just at Rs.99/mo so that your website data remains safe.

Three Pillars of MilesWeb

24/7 Support

MilesWeb technical support team is expert in web hosting and is updated about the latest technology. They are available 24/7 via live chat, email and phone to help solve your queries.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you aren’t satisfied with their service, you can get your money back. But you need to claim for refund within 30 days of service purchase.

99.95% Uptime Guarantee

The Tier-3 and Tier-4 datacenters of MilesWeb help them to offer 99.95% uptime to their clients.

How much profit can you earn?

The profit you will be making completely depends on the number of accounts you will create under your reseller account. If you are a developer, you will be aware of the disk space as well as bandwidth a basic or an e-commerce website may require. You can confirm these details from a web developer, if you are just a business owner or blogger. A basic or moderate traffic website may just require 1 to 5 GB of space, while an e-commerce may need up to 10 GB.

Here’s an example to give you a more clear idea about the reseller plan. If you select the Smart plan of MilesWeb reseller hosting, it offers unlimited bandwidth and 100 GB of disk space. The price of this plan is Rs.4000 for a year approximately (plus GST).  Suppose you have 20 clients that need to be allocated 5 GB of disk space each and you have decided the price for each account as Rs.2000, you can make Rs.40,000 by simply investing Rs.4000.

As your customer base starts growing, you can consider multiple reseller accounts for hosting your clients’ websites so that you can host them across different servers located in different countries. You get the chance to choose your server location (India, US, UK) depending upon the target audience of your clients.

Earn More By Selling Hosting Addons

MilesWeb offers reseller marketplace which helps you to keep your clients happy by selling them add-on services. You can sell add-on services such as Domain Registration, Dedicated IP, SSL Certificate, Backup, SpamExperts, Whois ID Protection and discounted VPS server plans. This way you can earn more profit without investing extra and also there isn’t any risk in selling these services.

Wrapping Up…

Last but not the least, MilesWeb offers you several other features with its reseller hosting plan which aren’t mentioned here as it would become a big list. If you are really looking to start a business that is risk free, doesn’t involve the management hassle and huge investment to be made, reseller hosting is the best way to start with. Become a reseller host with MilesWeb reseller hosting and start filling your money bank with huge profit.

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