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At present, the work of reselling the hosting and Domain is on the high pick. Every Hosting businessman and little entrepreneurs want to have started this to earn more money. In this excellent post, we are talking about the world’s largest registrar company which is ResellerClub who created a set of private labeled programs for entrepreneurs and professional Webhosting businessmen to start their Domain and web hosting reselling business.  Reselling is the best part if you also earn money from hosting business and here Resellerclub provides the best plans and features from which you can reselling your Domain and web hosting business as according to you. In this post you also a complete ResellerClub Reseller Hosting Review and you might know how it is important for a hosting service business and how it works for earning more money.

ResellerClub Price, Plans and key features- 2020

Here are some of the best features of ResellerClub includes its starting price and the plans which you will get when you have this. This best features will show how good it is and why people will have to choose it. Here are some key features of ResellerClub.

  • You can start a plan with @ RS: 99/month.
  • It provides unlimited storage space and bandwidth.
  • It provides the best uptime of 99.99.
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Money-back guarantee within 30 days
  • Best Antivirus protection
  • Proven sale and expertise
  • Web Design and development products

These are the best features of ResellerClub and all this you will have when you buy this. This is the only reason why people choose ResellerClub.

Top hosting plans and services offer by ResellerClub

ResellerClub is one of the most trusted companies of Domain registrar and hosting service provider.  It also give best security to your email accounts. Millions of users are now around the world who buy these hosting services and plans from ResellerClub in affordable rates. The key advantage of buying hosting services from ResellerClub is that you can able to use single Domain services and as well multi Domain services. ResellerClub offer services like Shared hosting, Reseller hosting, Cloud Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting and also Dedicated Hosting.  You can use this Hosting services for both Linux and Windows solution. So here are the brief description of all this hosting services provided by ResellerClub.

  • Shared Hosting:  You can buy Shared Hosting from ResellerClub at RS: 35 for the first month. As we know that in Shared Hosting you have to share all resources with the other users. You will also get large storage space or high bandwidth with unlimited data transfer and unlimited email accounts.
  • WordPress Hosting: Basically ResellerClub provide WordPress Hosting for specifically to allow substantial traffic on the website. In these it includes four plans which ResellerClub providing in WordPress Hosting.
  • Lite Plan: It gives you 1 website, 2 cores with 2 GB RAM and a traffic of minimum 25000/month users.
  • Performance lite: It provides 2 website along with 4 core processor with 4GB RAM and a limit of traffic 200000/month users.
  • Business Lite: In this you have 3 website and 6 cores with 6GB RAM and a traffic limit of 300000/month users.
  • Professional Lite: In this you have 5 websites and 6 core processors with 6GB RAM and a traffic up to 500000/month users.
  • Cloud Hosting: In ResellerClub all the plans of Cloud hosting are available at a 40% discount so that you can buy it easily in your rates. It provide the most reliable and high performance cloud hosting service with best robust infra that provide 99.9% uptime.
  • VPS Hosting:  ResellerClub provides a starting plan of VPS hosting is @ RS: 1050/month.  There are four plans includes with this and you can choose any of it.
  • Standard plan: Start plan at RS: 1500/month along with 2 CPU cores with 30GB disk space and 1TB of Bandwidth.
  • Business Plan: Start plan at RS: 2720/month with 2 CPU cores, 60 GB disk space with 4 GB RAM and 2TB Bandwidth.
  • Professional plan: Start plan at RS: 4760/month with 3 CPU cores, 120GB disk space with 4GB RAM and 3 TB Bandwidth.
  • Elite Plan: Start plan at RS: 5750/month with 4 CPU cores with 8GB RAM and 3TB Bandwidth and also get an addition IP address with this plan.
  • Dedicated Hosting: ResellerClub offer starting plan of this at RS: 6000/month with a complete level of root access. Their also have include 4 best plans for choosing best kind of Dedicated Hosting.
  • D1: Start plan at RS: 6120/month include with 4GB RAM, Quad Core, 1000 GB HDD, 5TB Bandwidth and also provide 2 free IPs.
  • D2: Start plan at RS: 8160/month include with 4GB RAM, Quad Core, 1000 GB HDD, 5TB Bandwidth and also provide 2 free IPs.
  • D3: Start plan at RS: 10,200/month and provide same as D2 but provide 10TB Bandwidth.
  • D4: Start plan at RS: 12,240month provides the same features as above but provide 15TB Bandwidth.

This are the brief description of every hosting plan which ResellerClub provides you. This is the best hosting plans and services which you will get on easy rates from ResellerClub. You can easily choose it which one is best for you and use as like you want to do. It provide so many features plan along its hosting service and this is the reason that why people choose hosting plan to buy and reselling it through ResellerClub.

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