Top 10 Linux reseller hosting providers


Website hosting is an important thing that really plays an important role to start an online website. Every website needs space to store its file online. Some website has small data then they can manage their data in the Small web hosting like private plans or shared hosting, but some have a large amount of data which needs big space on the internet.

If you are also managing a digital marketing company or thinking about providing the small space at the different-different cost then here we are going to suggest you Top 10 Linux reseller hosting providers in 2020.

  1. Hostgator  

Hostgator is a world class web hosting space Provider Company. When you are going to grab these opportunity like a big space which your company re-sell according to the costumer’s choice.

There are three plans that provided by the Hostgator,

  • Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Silver

Aluminium plan:- This is the finest plan, and starting plan provided by the Hostgator. It has various features check it here.

  • It has 60GB Disk Space
  • Here you can get 600 GB Bandwidth
  • Domain, you can manage Multiple of domain names.

Its first month plan starts with $19.95/Mo.

Copper plan:- it is second plan comes in the reseller hosting provided by the hostgator. The features you may see as follow.

  • Disk space provide 90 GB
  • Bandwidth 900 GB
  • Domain name Unlimited

The plan start with $24.95/MO. This is also the finest plan ever we recommend you to choose this reseller hosting.

Silver:-  It is the most lovely plan, It is the most highest plan that provided by the Hostgator. The features are here.

  • Also here you can find highest disk Space, 140 GB
  • Bandwidth 1400GB Bandwidth
  • Domain name Unlimited

This plan is start with $24.95./MO. Hope this plan is totally suitable for you.

The reseller plans come with lots of benefits like:-

  • Private name servers
  • Email accounts
  • FTP accounts
  • MySQL accounts
  • Unlimited domains
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Siteground

SiteGround is also a biggest player in the Web hosting provider, so reseller web hosting plans are totally good.

But the price of SiteGround reseller program is totally different from Hostgator. It also gives you the credit at if you go with the big plan.

  • $49 per credit if you buy 1-4 credits
  • $45 per credit if you buy 5-10 credits
  • $42 per credit if you buy 11+ credits

You need to buy a minimum of five credits to start and get this scheme at the initial bases.

You can extend your plans according to your needs. Reseller plans are the totally best of the SiteGround.

  • InMotion Hosting

It is also the third-highest web hosting provider in the hosting of all companies. It has six plans; you can select these plans here. You can also find these plans to make worth it.

So if you like to have the options of the reseller hosting.

  • R-1000S — $15.39 per month (renews at $29.99)
  • R-2000S — $21.99 per month (renews at $39.99)
  • R-3000S — $30.24 per month (renews at $57.99)
  • VPS 1000 — $41.64 per month (renews at $54.99)
  • VPS 2000 — $62.84 per month (renews at $94.99)
  • VPS 3000 — $89.94 per month (renews at $164.99)

I hope you will love its plan, and also prefer to the others, and sell these at the reasonable rates.

Special Discount, Today inmotion hosting provides you the special discount, you will get 50% off on Reseller Web hosting.

  • A2 Hosting

It is the most reputed company; the big name comes in the web hosting companies. It is the completely finest reseller hosting provider, and in also speed and reliability.

It has the 4 plans which are highly recommended by the lots of experts.

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

Its bronze plan starts with $9.80 USD Per Month.

Silver plan is start with $13.72 USD per Month.

The Gold plan, it is the most popular plan that starts with $18.13 USD month.

Platinum plan starts with $30.38 USD Monthly.

You can get the Features in the image here. So hope you will get the best things at the reasonable price.

  • GreenGeeks

You haven’t before heard the name of the green geeks. It is not the well-known company in the world, but its plans are the at the reasonable price. They have been doing business as the provider of web hosting since 11 years.

We would not recommend you, because still we also haven’t used its services.  But As compared to all it is the best hosting provider which provides Linux Reseller hosting at the reasonable prices.

It has Five Plans in the market which is as follow:-

  • Reseller 10 — $3.00 per account
  • Reseller 20 — $2.75 per account
  • Reseller 30 — $2.50 per account
  • Reseller 40 — $2.25 per account
  • Reseller 50 — $2.00 per account

These are the basic 5 plans that are front of you, so hope you will try this as tell us your review about this company.

What is Linux reseller Web hosting?

Basically, peoples who have already used web hosting then they know about what is web hosting. It is the online storage they provide by the different-different company. As usual, the Linux reseller Web hosting, is also a big space allotted to you, you can sell this and distribute at the different cost to make profit of your company. There are lots of companies which provide you Reseller web hosting, as we discussed here. So you also make your own web hosting company at the local basis. By allotting the space through the reseller hosting.

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